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tis is such love ever shown 

(via nainakabirre)

kay I’ve laid on my ass long enough

if I want to be real about this music

I’ve got to get a 5 dollar mic. So once I get that mic and vocal lessons

I will be posting originals on here. Check out for them soon!

go here, add one of my songs, and remix it!!!



My spirit yearns for the Golden Temple at Amritsar

My eyes wish to see the structures in Dubai

My heart hopes to one day see the enlightened sunrise in Punjab

I want to travel again, and see the world 

I want to find myself in the places Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol and David Tennant filmed in London

I want to love the sight under the Eiffel Tower and scuba dive again in Nice 

I want to travel again, and live the world as if it were a daily blessing. 

And I will, bless myself, after cascading the steps in Jaipur 5 years from now. 


Um. This is new.

Hey Loves!

I know I haven’t been on here for a while. Life has just gotten in the way really. Moving to a metropolitan area really got me. I’ll be putting up something new in a bit. 

Sending love and peace your way!!! :D 

Reverb Cuteness. <3

That’s just a nice name. 


t’s really just a slowed and swung Erykah Badu hit that is definitely slept on. Check it out.


A remix of Q-tip’s We Fight We Love. Just experimenting with the levels again. Seeing how Raphael Saadiq sounded.


My first Mint Condition mix eva!! I think it went pretty well so far. Of course, mistakes were made but I love it.